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Finding the right nanny is not easy. We know...because we tried it. The promise of word of mouth referrals resulted in no qualified nannies. Driving all over the city to interview total strangers. Less than ideal candidates spamming our inbox on social media. A hundred different maid agencies that were hard to connect with. The existing search experience was broken.

So, we set out to do something about it. The idea was simple: create an online platform where nannies and families would be better able to connect with one another. We envisioned a space where families could find a nanny in a convenient, simple, and transparent way.

Gulf Nanny is proud to say we've created something beautiful. A supportive community that helps families find the perfect fit for their home with easy to navigate search criteria, mappable nanny profiles, and detailed nanny listings. For the nannies who give their all to our families, Gulf Nanny represents an empowering third space to find employment.

We wouldn't be able to provide this service without your incredible support and love. We thank everyone for all their hard work, enthusiasm, and ongoing referrals.


Your Gulf Nanny team,